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Black Eyed Admin will always be a work in progress space:

No doubt there’ll be more to follow in time on this ‘ere space?

Living in Salford in the NorthWest of England. My Names Adrian. Independent Podcaster / Web Tweaker learning something new everyday, making those 1001+ mistakes whilst growing with the flow

Ta very glad, if you do happen to drop by this page 🙂 Please do have a Click, See & Play at the spaces and links above as I get round to adding more whatever over time!

Black Eyed Admin is a personal reminder of what, when, why and where i’ve been doing whatever in t’internet land!

CyphreincA personal record or log so to speak, so that yours truly could remind myself of how you do whatever, with examples of the code that was used, maybe even one or two links that helped to achieve whatever the desired end result was!

BEA is currently another work in progress space created by yours truly in Salford, using WordPress for www.blackeyedadmin.co.uk and in my book, so far that seems like a reasonable idea?

For the record!  I’ve gotta say there’s no set format as such at the moment, just an acorn of an idea to try and keep a personal record of the code i’ve used overtime, to manipulate the text, images, videos etc, that i’ve created over time.


Eventually i’ll get round to adding more info on the software that was used to create the video’s and audio, just so that i have somewhere to refer back to as and when i want to repeat whatever or try out another idea for something new.

In time, i’d like to think that BEA would end up with more than a few categories sorted and as such remind myself how to do that there coding thang for whatever and wherever and hopefully improve by doing as time goes by.

Guerrilla Podcasts Most importantly this ‘ere space is going to be a personal record of what i did to achieve a desired objective.  I’m not trying to say that i know the in’s & outs of anything at all!  Just Going with the flow and doing what i do!

Using as many different ways to get whatever across, mixing and matching thought processes to hopefully achieve something new?.Black Eyed Admin

At the end of the day, like i said before, this ‘ere Black Eyed Admin space is created as a reminder for yours truly.  To keep on learning something new and to climb slowly up that there steep self learning curve.

Black Eyed Admin Believes In A Can Do Approach : Can You Smell the Roses 🙂

Sorted & Cheers


~ Inabit ~