Black Eyed Admin HTML Text Links


Recently i’ve been sortin’ out adding a few tweaks to Black Eyed Admin as a personal reminder how to do what, when, why and where. I’ve also been trying to figure out one or two new work in progress ideas such as working out the css housekeeping style for Devildogs and going with the flow on Cyphreinc & Guerrilla Podcasts.

It sorta seemed like a plan, for yours truly to keep a personal reminder of the various way’s that i’ve used code for doing whatever with the text, audio, video and image links over time in t’internet land.

As you know by now? I ain’t trying to teach you to suck eggs! This ‘ere Black Eyed Admin HTML Text Links post, isn’t a how to guide, just a personal reminder to keep, whilst doing what I do.

So here’s goes & just because I’ll be using the following as a link:

  • Text link to open a new window: (Generally used when linking to another website)

This link opens devildogs in new window:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
  • Text link with title when you hover on link that opens Devildogs in a new window:
<a title="" href="" target="_blank"></a>
  • Text link to open Devildogs in same window: (Generally used when linking to another page of your website)

Link that opens Devildogs in this window:

<a href="" target="_self"></a>
  • Text link with title when you hover on link that opens devildogs in this window:
<a title="" href="" target="_self"></a>

You can change the title and links to fit your needs, just ensure that you keep the exclamation marks in place eg.. title=”Place Whatever Title You Want Here” just after the a (<a href=) for the link you’ve decided to use

<a title="Place Whatever Title You Want Here " href="" target="_blank"</a>

You can also change the target to _blank or _self depending on whatever suits your needs. (Just don’t forget the underscore)

_blank opens a new window
_self opens page in same window.

~ Inabit ~