Clean install of Ubuntu

Clean install of Ubuntu

All we needed was a USB stick with a minimum size of 2 gig and we’re on a roll doing what we do for no other reason than Just Because …

Financially embarrassed for the now we may be and that’s the cycle of life, ups & downs.  Doing whatever it is we do, at any given time, on another random day in the month, for whatever year this is in our head.

Anyways, we’ve decided a clean install of Ubuntu is a good idea.  Using a random two year old lap top we’ve got hanging around.  To be fair, we could be doing the exact same thing on a pc, but we’ve already done that already, so lets just move on.

Just for the record, a clean install of Ubuntu means to us, that we’re going to delete everything that is on our machine and install the newest version of Ubuntu available at any given time.

We’re already using Ubuntu as our main operating system an another machine. So all we have to do now, is to download the latest Long Term Support version (LTS).  Copy the download onto our usb, using Startup Disk Creator & then just insert our usb into the machine & switch on & follow the instructions as they appear.

In my head there’s no geek knowledge required to achieve that.

There’s enough people out there in t’internet land, that will be able to help you along the way, far better than we ever could.

For this to happen, do that, when you’ve done that, just do the other & when the other is sorted, move on and do whatever.  When you’ve sorted whatever, start again with something new & job done.

That’s the way we grow and for sure isn’t as helpful to you, as it is to us in our head. So we’ll add a few random links, that just may help you to suck you own eggs and hopefully get you doing whatever’s random for yourself, on a budget of whatever you’ve got in those deep pockets of yours.

What we do may not suit your thought process and that’s so not a stress in my head.  If your a mac person, you just may never want to change, if your happy as larry with windows, what’s the problem with that.

We are just adding open source software to a machine that we want to learn & grow with overtime.  Without money being any kind of barrier to our learning curve.  We both know it adds up, buying the latest mac / windows machine, then the software you want to do whatever is you want to do.

Have a look see for yourself before you even jump in & do whatever it is you do Ubuntu Features

Things we’ve just done, so that we can create our clean install of Ubuntu:

Visited Ubuntu home page

Clicked on their download page to access the latest Long Term Support Version of Ubuntu

Downloaded the latest Long Term Support Version (LTS) of Ubuntu from their download page : (At the time of writing, it’s Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS)

Make a donation if you can or do it later or not, that choice is down to how deep your pockets are. Either way, you can still move on and use the open source software for free for as long as you so desire.

Saved the downloaded .iso file on our machine.

As we are already using Ubuntu we used Startup Disk Creator to create our usb startup disk.

Help & advice is easily available via The Ubuntu Forum Community

Now we’re sorted and on a roll in our head, time to install Ubuntu.

(We may or may not need to change the boot sequence of our machine so that it boots from the usb rather than the hard drive. If so, when we power up the machine click on F12 & change the boot sequence to start from / boot up using the usb.)

Job done for the now, more info to follow on our DIY journey once we’ve sorted out the links for the following random post(s) to be shared.

A few more random links we’ve found useful over time in our head:

It’s not for me to say you should, shouldn’t or whatever else, do what we’re doing. For sure the doubters out wherever, may say we’re wrong doing what we do and should be tweaking something whatever random else and & that’s a fair point.

GospelbeacH – Strange Days

We’re just sharing what we’re doing at this moment in time. In the future, who knows what will happen and at the end of the day, the choice is ultimately yours.

You have the illusion of freedom with everything you choose to do and so long as your happy with what you choose in your own head, knock yourself out & enjoy life.

Just so we both know & repeat what we’ve said before. This ain’t a how to guide, more like a personal, what we did when exercise!

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