Installing Komodo Edit

Installing Komodo Edit

Thought we’d keep track of installing Komodo Edit, “a powerful editor that facilitates anything you can dream of”.  Previously we’ve installed apps via the Ubuntu Software Centre, in this instance komodo edit is not available in the ubuntu software centre and as such we’re going to download from the official website and install using the ubuntu terminal.

Suppose we should admit right of the bat, that we’re slowly getting our heads round installing tar / zip files using the terminal and that’s something that we’ll become more comfortable doing the more we do what we do over time.  The mistakes we make over time will help us get our heads round knowing what to do better in the future.

For the now and that said, we’re going to try and keep all software that we downloaded in the same place and that’s going to be the optional folder in ubuntu, /opt  which seems to make sense for the now in my head?  Like we’ve said before this isn’t a how to guide, just a personal record of what we did at any given time!

komod oedit tar.gz Now we’ve downloaded komodo edit, into our downloads folder, first question we asked ourselves was what are we going to do with a tar.gz file?

That’s right we’re new here and that’s never a bad thing in my humble opinion.

Think zip file and your good to go.  So how do we open it in the first instance, never mind installing the software using the terminal?

To be honest there’s no real need to over think that question.  Double click on the folder and it will open in the Archive Manager, you could right click on the folder and tell it to open with archive manager. either way, which ever works for you?

Then we extracted the files to our desktop for the now, for no other reason than it was easier to find in our heads and it would be simpler when it came to using the terminal to install the software onto ubuntu.  Remember we’re new here!

** How to Install Komodo Edit 9 in Ubuntu 14.04 **