Installing Ubuntu

Installing Ubuntu

Acquired a new desktop recently with no operating system pre-installed.  So we’re in the process of installing Ubuntu and keeping track for ourselves of what happened next?

A computer with no operating system sounded like a fantastic way to start from scratch in my head, something new to work with from day one without all the crap to worry about and if it all goes Pete Tong!

Format the hard drive and we’re back to scratch.

First things first, Installing Ubuntu and we both know this ain’t a how to guide, rather than a personal what we did when exercise!

We dropped by to obtain our free copy of Ubuntu.  Whilst your there why not check out more info for yourself?

Download the file and then add to disk or usb, that choice is totally down to you?

Just follow the installation instructions to Install Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS.

We’ve decided to continue with Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) versions and for sure there different flavors available if you want to use something else.

Once your sorted with Ubuntu on your machine do yourself more than a few online searches to get up and running.

The Pollen Count – Big Decision

Sorted & Cheers for the now we’ll add a few more posts to see what we added from the lists above, so that if it doesn’t work for us, at least we can remove it whenever we want!

At the end of the day, what have we got to lose?

Open Terminal: Ctrl, Alt & T

Update: sudo apt-get update

Upgrade: sudo apt-get upgrade

Travel Safe

~ Inabit ~