Jumping in with both feet with Joomla for the 1st Time Ever

Using Joomla for the first time

So we’ve made a massive new leap in our heads for our future unknowns.

Jumping in with both feet with joomla for the 1st time ever so sounded like a plan the other week.

Let’s get one thing straight, right away. We’ve never used Joomla before.

growing with the flowAs we both know this won’t be a how to blah, blah, blah space. Just another reminder to meself where, we visited with just a positive thought process in me head, that we’re starting a new self learning journey into the unknown future of whatever?

The ifs, buts & maybes of everything going pete tong are a given and to be expected, as we’re jumping in with both feet, with no prior knowledge of the particular idiosyncrecies or subtleties involved in getting our new thought process sorted.

250x250 random imageWhy start a massive new learning curve & or new thought process at all, when we could stick with what we know and be done with it!

We’ve used WordPress for time, tweaked bootstrap a few times and as we’ve just got ourselves a brand new domain, growing with the flow, so we’ve decided to use a new content management sytem for our future unknowns.

A new acorn of an idea in me head that sounds like a plan. Enough Said for tha now.

Open Source Matters

To keep things simple, we’ll be sticking with one of the original templates, protostar, provided free by joomla when we download the software.

my friend frogWe’ve done a tad of research on-line and in me head, the best way to make our mistakes, is quite literally to jump in and start using Joomla.

We both know that no matter what we do, they’ll be those that’ll criticise anybody, for anything at any given time. So we’re ignoring tha counters & doubters, doin what we do and you’ll be able to see what’s what should you happen to drop by.

So without further ado, that’s what we’re going to do. Figure out the whatevers for tha now with our new live site, growing with the flow, rather than use lamp on our pc to test & learn?

*** Just for the record those in tha know would warn us against creating a site the way we are, using a live web site ***

700x180 random image

Like we said, we ain’t even trying to show you how to suck eggs, we’re going to make our 101+ gaffs as we go and just see what happens for the now. Let the future unknowns appear and deal with the chaos we create as and when it eventually happens.

100x100 random imageIf we’re ever stuck for images at any given time we’ll be using a variation on our random images sized accordingly.

Jim From The Moon – Get Out of My Light

Growing With The Flow

Travel Safe

~ Inabit ~