Just a List of New Theme Tweaks

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Memo To Self: Just a List of New Theme Tweaks?

As we’re in the process of moving over to a new wp theme, it sorta made some kind of sense in me head to keep a track (ish) of what we’re tweakin’ and changing early on?

Not saying that we’ll manage to keep on top of it. However the thought process seems valid for the now and just maybe we’ll do what we do over the next few days or so.

You know what it’s like with lists?

For the record don’t worry about the look & feel of our space right now, for sure redesigning a site live is probably not the best way to go.

Then again what do we know?

No Stress & No Worries & in no particular order:

Just a List of New Theme Tweaks

  1. Download theme ~ Montezuma
  2. FTP theme ~ FileZilla
  3. Update WordPress
  4. Update Plugins
  5. Make all widgets inactive & start from scratch (don’t delete ’em)
  6. Remove arrows from unordered lists
    • Arrow used on original ul (If this is a bullet then job done!)
  7. Make a brew & listen to a podcast
  8. How do you remove the ul arrows then?
  9. Appearance > Montezuma Options > CSS Files > content.css
  10. Press Ctrl & F and look / search for .hentry ul li i
  11. Comment out the UL /* */ (in post and comment bodies)
  12. Don’t delete you may wish to return to the code at a later date?
  13. As & when / if sorted above #7 arrow should / will be a bullet!
  14. What about tha thin blue line on the left of blockquotes?
  15. Keep it for tha now
  16. Did we happen to mention delete all plugins & start from scratch?
  17. Remove / change the image / roll-over on page navigation
  18. Appearance > Montezuma Options > CSS Files > menus_menu1.css
  19. Comment out #menu1 > li > a > i & #menu1 > li:hover > a > i
  20. Add image above navigation
  21. Appearance > Montezuma Options > Sub Templates > header.php
  22. Add the following to the top of header.php & save
  23. Maybe add comment so you remember what you’ve done later on
  24. <!– Image Added above Navigation –>
  25. <div class="row">
    <div class="header_image_style">
    <div class="col12">
    <img src="Image Source" alt="Image Alternative  Text" title="Image Title" /></a>
  26. Comment Out Site Title & Tag Line
  27. Appearance > Montezuma Options > Sub Templates > header.php
  28. Comment out <!– –> the div id=”logo-area” class=”col5″ (The Whole Div)
  29. Tweak Blog Post Rollover Image Size
  30. Appearance > Montezuma Options > Sub Templates > postformat.php
  31. Search for <?php bfa_thumb( 620, 180, ….
  32. Change the height (180) to suit thy needs
  33. Create A New Twitter Summary Card
  34. Insert new summary card code
  35. Appearance > Head > Insert code > <HEAD> Top

New Order – Blue Monday

Sorted & Cheers : Travel Safe

~ Inabit ~