Sorting out the Atahualpa WordPress Theme Settings


Just for the record, whilst we’re in the process of sorting out the Atahualpa WordPress theme settings over time.  We both know that there are thousands of themes to choose from, some free and others which are pay as you go.

Black Eyed Admin was created by yours truly as a personal reminder to try and keep track of how to do whatever and what was tried and tested along the way to obtain a desired look / effect.  Should you decide to use the Atahualpa theme for yourself, the official space is much more likely to help you out with what you need to know that may fit your own needs?

Lets get one or two things straight right away whilst sorting out the Atahualpa wordpress theme settings …

  • I don’t do that there gobble de geek language at all, Full Stop!
  • This ain’t a how to guide space.
  • This is a place for yours truly to keep track of whatever.  Just Because…
  • I do what i do by doing, rather than contemplating and as such most likely I’ll always make 101 gaffs along the way.
  • By making my mistakes hopefully I’ll improve over time.
  • Apart from the Choon creators videos, All the images, videos & chat if any, are created by yours truly.
  • Whatever we do on this space, is created to keep a personal record / log of what we did to create whatever.
  • Please refer to any official space for the best and most up to date info available.
  • Get used to american spellings here and there as that’s life in coding space.
  • Can You Smell The Roses?

Sorted & Cheers for droppin’ by whilst we go with the flow on our journey through t’internet space, keeping track of whatever along the way, the best way we can.

editthemes You’ll have gathered by now we’re starting to keep track of what’s what on B.E.A. via the whatever plugins, tweaks, code etc used / made along the way!

Tweaking the wordpress theme used with the acorn of an idea of keeping track how / why we did what we did?

Sorting out The Atahualpa WordPress Theme Settings

  • Start
  • Export / Import Settings
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Overall Style & Config.
    • Body, Text & Links
    • Style & Configure Layout
  • New Image Location
    • New Image Location
    • Add a Favicon
  • Header Area
    • Style & Edit Header Area
    • Header Image
    • RSS Settings
    • Menu 1 (Page Menu)
    • Menu 2 (Category Menu)
  • Center Column
    • New Style & Edit Center Column
    • Next / Previous Navigation
  • Sidebars & Widgets
    • Style & Configure Sidebars
    • Style Widgets
    • Add New Widget Area
  • Post & Pages
    • Edit post / Page Info Items
    • Style Posts / Pages
    • Configure Experpts
    • Post Thumbnails
    • “Read More” Tag
  • Comments
    • Style & Configure Comments
  • Footer
    • Style & Edit Footer
  • Various Content Items
    • Style Tables
    • Style Forms
    • Style Blockquotes
    • Style Images
    • Add HTML / CSS Inserts
  • Archives Page
    • Create Archives Page
  • CSS & Javascript
    • Configure CSS & JS

So whilst I’m sorting out the Atahualpa WordPress theme settings, using the various sections above that will / should allow us both to do whatever.  Once you’ve got your head around what’s what that’s available to create thy own space.

Just maybe over the coming weeks and months or so, Lou & I will get round to adding more details for each of the sections listed above, so that we can keep ourselves up to date with a reminder of what, where, why and how we did what we did?

Of course there are more than a few spaces out there that will provide you with the pro’s & con’s of using any particular wordpress theme / plugin.  Like I’ve said before this is a personal space as a reminder / memory jog rather than a how to guide.

You could even pay a few bob and get someone to do whatever for you, though that’s something that’s not in my thought process at all.

Always work in progress on that there DIY, Can Do Approach!  Goin’ with tha flow, making 101 plus mistakes along the way by me lonesome is most definitely the way to go for yours truly!

Enough Said

Can You Smell The Roses ….

Black Eyed Admin ~ : Sorting out the Atahualpa WordPress Theme Settings

Nice One for thy Time

~ Inabit ~