Jumping in with both feet with Joomla for the 1st Time Ever

Using Joomla for the first time

So we’ve made a massive new leap in our heads for our future unknowns.

Jumping in with both feet with joomla for the 1st time ever so sounded like a plan the other week.

Let’s get one thing straight, right away. We’ve never used Joomla before.

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Creating Tables using CSS

Figuring Out Creating a Table Using CSS

There be work in progress in me castle right now, figuring out a new way forward by creating tables using CSS.

Discovering a suitable way that works for us as we continue to do what we do with whatever online space we’ve got available at any given time. Right now in me head, i’m trying to sort out the bits and bobs of whatever re CSS and just maybe teach meself a little something new along the way?

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Creating A WordPress Child Theme

Creating A WordPress Child Theme

That there penny sorta dropped on creating a wordpress child theme t’other day!  Strange really as I was trying to figure out something else completely different, more on whatever in tha future and you know how it goes for some bizarre reason, when you stop searching for the unknown out of the blue a solution drops by?

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Working Out the CSS Housekeeping Style for Devildogs


Jumping in with both feet, working out the CSS housekeeping style for Devildogs, just because it sounds like a plan and having a look see at how things work with the code, may not be everyone’s cup of tea and yet the other side of the coin, sitting back and pondering the ins & outs before having a go isn’t really mine.

For starters, get that there coffee brewing, load the Choons, turn the volume up and dive right in!  Go with the flow and give it a go ……… Make those 101+ mistakes and get your head round the how to whatever for yourself?

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