Working Out the CSS Housekeeping Style for Devildogs

Jumping in with both feet, working out the CSS housekeeping style for Devildogs, just because it sounds like a plan and having a look see at how things work with the code, may not be everyone’s cup of tea and yet the other side of the coin, sitting back and pondering the ins & outs before having a go isn’t really mine.

For starters, get that there coffee brewing, load the Choons, turn the volume up and dive right in!  Go with the flow and give it a go ……… Make those 101+ mistakes and get your head round the how to whatever for yourself?

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Voyage of discovery into the coding world of CSS


For the now i thought i’d make a start on trying to keep track of the different ways that i’m doing what i do online?

Here on i’ll be noting one or two idea’s down to keep track of how i did whatever and just maybe that’ll lead to new ways of doing whatever in the future.

A Voyage of discovery into the coding world of CSS for yours truly, as i set out to create a site using just CSS!  Time will tell and that’s fine by me for the now.  At the end of the day i’ll be adding images, text, video and audio and to be honest there’s more than a few ways that you could achieve that. Continue reading