Jumping in with both feet with Joomla for the 1st Time Ever

Using Joomla for the first time

So we’ve made a massive new leap in our heads for our future unknowns.

Jumping in with both feet with joomla for the 1st time ever so sounded like a plan the other week.

Let’s get one thing straight, right away. We’ve never used Joomla before.

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Creating Image Links


So I’ve started using Black Eyed Admin to keep a personal record of the code that i regularly use to create the various links. A personal code library so to speak that saves time and effort for yours truly when i need whatever for a link, just copy and paste, amend as required, job done!

Off course you already know what to do! No Worries this is a code reminder / library for yours truly.

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Black Eyed Admin HTML Text Links


Recently i’ve been sortin’ out adding a few tweaks to Black Eyed Admin as a personal reminder how to do what, when, why and where. I’ve also been trying to figure out one or two new work in progress ideas such as working out the css housekeeping style for Devildogs and going with the flow on Cyphreinc & Guerrilla Podcasts.

It sorta seemed like a plan, for yours truly to keep a personal reminder of the various way’s that i’ve used code for doing whatever with the text, audio, video and image links over time in t’internet land.

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