Sorting out the Atahualpa WordPress Theme Settings


Just for the record, whilst we’re in the process of sorting out the Atahualpa WordPress theme settings over time.  We both know that there are thousands of themes to choose from, some free and others which are pay as you go.

Black Eyed Admin was created by yours truly as a personal reminder to try and keep track of how to do whatever and what was tried and tested along the way to obtain a desired look / effect.  Should you decide to use the Atahualpa theme for yourself, the official space is much more likely to help you out with what you need to know that may fit your own needs?

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Widget Logic Plugin


I’ve been using the Widget Logic plugin for time to organise & arrange the various widgets in any of the wordpress sites I’ve created.  For sure i said to myself that I’d start keeping track of whatever plugins i was using a while back, so here we go and as always this is a reminder to yours truly and not a how to guide.

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Creating Image Links

So I’ve started using Black Eyed Admin to keep a personal record of the code that i regularly use to create the various links. A personal code library so to speak that saves time and effort for yours truly when i need whatever for a link, just copy and paste, amend as required, job done!

Off course you already know what to do! No Worries this is a code reminder / library for yours truly.

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