Jumping in with both feet with Joomla for the 1st Time Ever

Using Joomla for the first time

So we’ve made a massive new leap in our heads for our future unknowns.

Jumping in with both feet with joomla for the 1st time ever so sounded like a plan the other week.

Let’s get one thing straight, right away. We’ve never used Joomla before.

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Creating A WordPress Child Theme

Creating A WordPress Child Theme

That there penny sorta dropped on creating a wordpress child theme t’other day!  Strange really as I was trying to figure out something else completely different, more on whatever in tha future and you know how it goes for some bizarre reason, when you stop searching for the unknown out of the blue a solution drops by?

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WordPress SEO Plugin

Wordpress SEO Plugin

Stumbling upon the wordpress seo plugin a while back was a belter of a find on a random voyage round t’internet!  Maybe you know what it’s like when your not quite sure what your looking for at any give time? Though you’ve an inkling of an idea in the back of your head what it is that you want to achieve.

Quests into the unknown often commence caffeine fuelled at daft o’clock in the morning with a massive dose of self doubt, wondering what’s the right question to ask this time round?

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Widget Logic Conditional Tags

Widget Logic Conditional Tags/

The skies the limit when it comes to using Widget Logic Conditional Tags!  Just maybe you’ve added a few new widgets to thy wordpress space recently?  Of course the content concerned is down to you at any given time and is most likely going to change over time.  What doesn’t?

Once you’ve added your content into any given widget, whether that be text, image, video, rss link or whatever.  Use the widget logic conditional tags to decide for thyself where you’d like the content to appear on your site?

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Sorting out the Atahualpa WordPress Theme Settings


Just for the record, whilst we’re in the process of sorting out the Atahualpa WordPress theme settings over time.  We both know that there are thousands of themes to choose from, some free and others which are pay as you go.

Black Eyed Admin was created by yours truly as a personal reminder to try and keep track of how to do whatever and what was tried and tested along the way to obtain a desired look / effect.  Should you decide to use the Atahualpa theme for yourself, the official space is much more likely to help you out with what you need to know that may fit your own needs?

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