Ubuntu Operating System

Ubuntu Operating System

Introducing oneself to the Ubuntu Operating System.  To be honest, suppose many of you may just well know that it’s been around for quite some time? (find out more here) So i’m not even going to attempt to say that i know one little bit about the Ubuntu Operating System at all, cause to be honest I’m New Here.

What i can say?  For yours truly, Ubuntu is free open source software and recently we’ve been in the process of updating an old computer with Ubuntu 13.10 then for whatever reasons, we had a change of heart and went with Ubuntu Studio.

There are more than a few reasons why we’re trying out Ubuntu Studio, many of which may not be that interesting to you and to be fair, often vary depending on the weather, our point of view at any given time and can we really sort out a new Choon Creator for Cyphreinc Podcast?

Firstly and most importantly my 8 year old Mac decided to give up the ghost recently and at the time, that left me well gutted for sure. Which in itself is a weird thing to say, when i first got it years ago, it took more than a few months to get me head round what you could and couldn’t do, being used to using a windows environment for time.

So for the now …

This is yours truly trying to keep a brief note, of whatever it is we’ll be doing with the acorn of an idea!

To try and possibly understand, maybe even get used to using Ubuntu in time and figure out where, if and when we’ve made more than a few mistakes, as will surely happen and to keep track of whatever changes / additions that we may have made along the way over the next few weeks / months and beyond.eyesubuntu

Just maybe I’ll shut up long enough for you to find out a little more for yourselves and allow you to do whatever and check out: www.ubuntu.com : http://www.linux.org/resources/ubuntu-desktop.10/

OK, just maybe you’ll possibly suggest more than a few alternative links and that’s not a problem with yours truly.

Whilst trying to figure out the what, when and why, I’ve realised that it’s often easier to use the terminal / command line to do whatever?  Trick is knowing what to and how to write the code to achieve whatever the desired goal be?

Here are a few of the command lines that I’ve tried so far, as i get my head round more than a few new thought process’s for the now:

Ctrl – Alt – T : Open / Access Terminal :

do-release-upgrade -d : Upgrading to latest version of Ubuntu

sudo apt-get update : Resynchronize the package index files from their sources via Internet

So for the now, whilst i get me head round using the Ubuntu Operating System over time, sudo whatever…

Please don’t expect me to know what the in’s & outs of whatever, as we go with the flow stumbling as we do, step by step.

So to cut a long story short:

  • Decided to format the hard drive and start from scratch.
  • Deleted all existing drives using fdisk and created a single drive.
  • Then decided to give Ubuntu Studio a go from a USB.
  • Made a brew and disappeared for a bit …

Would you believe, that everything seemed to work first time for yours truly?

So for the now, you can check out the help space for thyself: help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio

Enough Said …

Work in Progress as always with A Can Do Attitude, updating whatever!  Doin’ What We Do & just going with the flow 🙂

We’ll be installing the Restricted Extras from the Ubuntu Software Center, just because and checking out more than a few new whatever’s that we’ll obviously discover over time.

Too be honest!

We’ve No idea at all for the now how things will turn out and that’s a damn fine way to go with the flow in my book …..

Don’t forget this is a personal reminder of whatever we’ve done, whenever we get the chance to do so & not a how to guide!

Reach for the sky

Look on the bright side! This be where me & Lou go for our Broken Biscuits walk in Salford.

Travel Safe

~ Inabit ~