Ubuntu System Settings Tweaks

Ubuntu System Settings Tweaks

The other day when we were installing Ubuntu, we shared a few links on the various ways others tweak Ubuntu once installed.  As we’ve said before, this isn’t me knowing the ins and outs of ubuntu at all! More like listening to those sharing ways to update a clean install of Ubuntu and #growingwiththeflow on our own machine.

So before we get lost in time and forget what we did!

Thought we’d just keep a quick record for ourselves of the Ubuntu System Settings Tweaks we’ve recently made?

Clicking on the system settings cog in the menu bar on the left we open the System Settings

System Settings

  • System Settings > Appearance > Behaviour


In the Show the menus for a Window section, we changed the radio button from In the menu bar to In the window’s title bar as that suits the way we do what we do.

  • System Settings > Security & Privacy > Files & Applications

Files & Applications

In the Files & Applications tab, we changed the record file and application usage Off.

  • System Settings > Security & Privacy > Search


In the Search tab, we changed When searching in the Dash: Include online search results Off

  • System Settings > Software Updates > Other Software

Other Software

In Software & UpdatesOther Software tab, we ticked Canonical Partners and Canonical Partners (Source Code)

As you know we’re following the lead set by so many way before us, keeping track of what we did recently on our machine is all, hopefully learning something new along the way as we do what we do with our Ubuntu System settings tweaks!

The Twisted Dolls – King of The Blues

Just for good measure, we opened the terminal once again via our keyboard using Ctrl, Alt and T, then again you could search in the dash for terminal what do i know?

No Worries

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

some say …

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove

Travel Safe

~ Inabit ~