Voyage of discovery into the coding world of CSS


For the now i thought i’d make a start on trying to keep track of the different ways that i’m doing what i do online?

Here on i’ll be noting one or two idea’s down to keep track of how i did whatever and just maybe that’ll lead to new ways of doing whatever in the future.

A Voyage of discovery into the coding world of CSS for yours truly, as i set out to create a site using just CSS!  Time will tell and that’s fine by me for the now.  At the end of the day i’ll be adding images, text, video and audio and to be honest there’s more than a few ways that you could achieve that.

I could continue to use wordpress and carry on in my comfort zone but i’ve decided to reorganise and at the same time create as much, if not everything i possibly can for Devildogs using CSS only. I’ve sorta got me head round a few of the principles, so i thought i’d give it a go and make my 101+ mistakes online.

A massive learning curve for yours truly and that’s gotta be a good thing in the long run.  So this is just a quick heads up, as i drop working examples of what i’m doing. With the long term aim of eventually updating my own skills and learn something new along the way.

If you’ve stumbled on for sure this is not is a How to Guide! You’ll most likely find more efficient ways of doing things for yourself elsewhere or just maybe you’ll have a degree in geekdom and know the in’s & outs of whatever for thyself, right of the bat.

I thought i’d keep a record of what i’ve been doing and how i set about achieving the end results.  Sharing more than a few links, images, audio, video and whatever via, keeping a note of how i did what i did for future personal reference.

Straight of the bat, I thought i’d create a template page for Devildogs and then create a separate home page as a landing page if you will, similar in style to the template page, though without both the sidebars.

First thing I’ve decided to do was to add all the content for Devildogs into a container, for want of a better phrase (told you it’s not a how to guide), this would allow me to work with a set width for the site and as such, i believe i could calculate the various sections accordingly. (i’ll add more on those dimensions later on)

So what are the sections or parts of the site that i’ve set upon?

  • Container
  • Header
  • Navigation
  • Left Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
  • Page Content
  • Footer
  • Footer Menu


So for the now that’s eight separate parts / sections required for and two pages to set out

Home Page / Index Page and the Template Page job done! Now it’s time to learn a new language and get me head round the what, why, where & when to place the various bit’s & bobs i need to achieve whatever it is that i’m trying to achieve?

I’ve got used to using text edit to share and work with code over time and i’ll be using an old version of dreamweaver to create the site. Over the years i’ve used WordPress for devildogs, however i don’t feel the need to have a blog at the moment and that’s fine with me.

Possible additions in the future:

I’ll be looking at adding a photo gallery, maybe a forum way down the line, though i do have some reservations regarding moderating a forum and the time that is required. I hope to add jquery and a little flash, again sometime in the future, so for the now its time to get my head round working with divs, style sheets and lots more unknowns, instead of html, tables, columns etc.

So off i go sorting out the space for and of course i’ll be making a ton of mistakes along the way and thats rock & roll in my book, as i get me head round a totally new language and try at the same time to keep a record of how i created the navigation bars, the code required to do that and more and ultimately learn from doing what i do.

Cheers for the now as patience is well required for yours truly.

For the record Devildogs : Lancashire & England Cricket Supporters, dedicated to The Girls sharing links, images & other stuff as i learn to create what i do with CSS.

~ Inabit ~