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I’ve been using the Widget Logic plugin for time to organise & arrange the various widgets in any of the wordpress sites I’ve created.  For sure i said to myself that I’d start keeping track of whatever plugins i was using a while back, so here we go and as always this is a reminder to yours truly and not a how to guide.

Choosing to use Widget Logic plugin or any of the thousands of plugins available on wordpress is completely a personal choice, of course you may have an alternative way of achieving a similar goal that the widget logic plugin achieves.  widgetsLike I’ve said before this space is a personal record over time of what I’ve done / trying to do and a sort of why if that’s OK with You?

First things first why widget logic plugin?  Used to control where any particular widget appears on your wordpress space.

So once you’ve got your head round whatever content it is that you wish to appear, (image, links, video, text or whatever) within your widget, on any particular page?  Then you’re on a roll and using the widget logic plugin really does help you achieve what you want to do.

Now all you need to do is add the conditional tag into your widget and your cookin’ with gas.  Don’t let the code put you off.


So if you want you widget to appear on the …

  • home page: is_home()
  • On a category page: is_category(‘Category Here’)

If you want the content of the widget to appear on every page you create, just leave the widget logic box empty

So you’re now able to replace content on various pages in the same place with little hassle using the widget logic plugin and conditional tags!

Once you know the name of the page / post that you want the widget to appear on, add the relevant conditional tag to the widget and job done.

So have a look see for thyself, do what you do and test out the widget logic plugin and if it works for you all the best, get creative with the content you want to show.

available widgets


Always work in progress, with a Can Do Approach using the widget logic plugin.

~ Inabit ~