WordPress Plugins Intro

Long Road Ahead starting with WordPress Plugins Intro

I really do appreciate that i may just have set myself a massive goal and quite a long road to walk, as i set off on this ‘ere quest, with an acorn of an idea / intended aims / objectives or whatever else you could call it of maybe trying to keep track of what i’ve been doing over time in t’nternet land.

Maybe I’m wondering, why did i say that in the first place?  Then again, that’ll be those self doubt demons in me own head, fighting out their own battle of the muppets for the now!  Anyways, it really did seem like the right thing for me to do and that’s all that maters for starters.  So i’ll kick off by possibly adding links for the wordpress plugins that i’ve decided to use and just go with the flow.

Some may say that alternative plugins may achieve better results and that’s fine. I’m not in a competition to say this works better than that.  After all this is yours truly just trying to keep some kind of record of whatever for personal reference.

Whilst in the process of setting up Black Eyed Admin to keep a personal record of how i did whatever on Cyphreinc, Guerrilla Podcasts and Devildogs.  It may seem that i’ve made a slight leap from, how to install wordpress in the first instance, to adding the plugins that provide you with loads more flexibility when you’re eventually set up and running, to hopefully help you to achieve your own goals. Maybe i’ll drop back with a reminder of the five minute install later on.

For the Record and at the time of writing: WordPress.org suggests that there are 24,044 plugins that have been downloaded 427,691,258 times.  So it’s not rocket science to say that you can go with the flow for yourself and get your head round achieving the same thing for your desired goal in so many different ways.

So for starters, it goes without saying that it sounds like a plan in my book.  Enough Said!

~ Inabit ~