WordPress SEO Plugin

Wordpress SEO Plugin

Stumbling upon the wordpress seo plugin a while back was a belter of a find on a random voyage round t’internet!  Maybe you know what it’s like when your not quite sure what your looking for at any give time? Though you’ve an inkling of an idea in the back of your head what it is that you want to achieve.

Quests into the unknown often commence caffeine fuelled at daft o’clock in the morning with a massive dose of self doubt, wondering what’s the right question to ask this time round?

What’s the right question?

Not a clue!

We both know that the answer is out there somewhere and yet the phrasing of the question asked may just lead us down a blind alley and another coffee is most definitely on the cards whilst we get our head round the ins and outs of what we’ve just been told.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Settings

Over time we’ve figured out that less is more when it comes to searching for any solution in t’internet land.

Daft o’clock self-learning how to do whatever, whenever using something new is absolutely massive in my book and if you’ve been sharing thy thoughts, choons or whatever online for time, you’ll most likely have come across buzz words like search engine optimisation,

Wordpress SettingsGetting me head round the unknowns using something new we’ve recently found just because we can is the way to go.

Somehow filtering out who’s leading us astray is vital.

Off course our self learning quest involves time, patience and a thick skin at times, whilst reading / listening or watching the many random online tech missionaries preaching the gospel of geekdom.

Those self proclaimed gurus and so called entrepreneurs, rehashing more of the same old pros and cons of whatever, promising you the world with the 10 best solutions.

So it’s always refreshing to find people out there, doing what they do with a positive vibe. Webmaster Tools

Do yourself a favour and check out: The Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For WordPress by Yoast.

Maybe find out more info & details for yourself here : yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/seo/

So now we’ve get our heads round more than a few new do’s and don’ts on our quest and much more importantly!

We sorta have an idea for the reasons why for the now?

We’re now able to change our wordpress settings accordingly in the self belief that we’ve understood previous unknown tweaks that we set off to learn on our journey into the unknown without knowing what the right question was in the first place, changing any bits and bobs accordingly.

Permalink Settings : Post Name
Then added following to Structure: /%postname%/

Off course you’ve already decided in your wordpress general settings how your site name will appear with or without the www’s and eventually dropped by Google Webmaster Tools changing your settings accordingly?

Jordan Reyne – Dear John

As I’m in danger of waffling on forever and maybe even talking broken biscuits to meself some time soon, its time for me to do one.  Who knows where the self learning quest will lead us next and just for the record …

We both know that this ‘ere space is a reminder for meself and nothing more?

Now that we’re able to tweak our settings with a little more understanding and appreciation for what we’re doing?  You know damn well that we’ve most likely destroyed any and all back links to any particular page and wouldn’t you just know it there be another plugin for that too.

No stress for the now, though it’s something to bear in mind for the future for sure!

Travel Safe

~ Inabit ~